public safety water rescue training, recreational dive training,

and equipment for it all!


About us

Founded in 2006, Blackwater was started to bring realistic, safe, and common sense training to the Central Ohio area. This eventually became a full time gig, and expanded to equipment sales as well. Blackwater has been proud to assist several departments with the startup of an underwater rescue team, and has also trained with many departments around the State.

Our philosophy is to Keep It Simple, Simon (KISS), and to train responders and teams to use the safest, most effective means necessary to perform the mission at hand. Common sense also has a high premium in our classes, as do scenario based trainings. There is no need to build scaffolds when stepladders will do. Blackwater has worked with many departments and teams, and this consultation has ranged from site visits and complete team training to late night phone calls just to give advice.

Blackwater does sell water rescue gear, and has access to many brands and types of equipment. We also use what we sell, and has bet a reputation on outfitting and training departments to fit their needs, not to fill classes. We are also a small company, and if we cannot beat a quote, we'll tell you. 

Personally, I have been married to Monica for 21 years this year, and have been a proud member of the Columbus, Ohio Fire Department where I am assigned to Ladder 2. I serve with the Fairfield County Special Operations Unit as the Water Rescue leader. I also teach part time at the Ohio Fire Academy, and am humbled to sit on the NFPA 1006 committee with so much experience and knowledge to draw from. My career goal is to progress safety in the water rescue business, so that everyone may go home! 

Our Staff

Tate Treinish

My first mate on most recreational dives. Works for tips. A most amazing 11 year old diver.

Eric Norman, instructor

Eric is a very talented instructor with great skills and patience, assigned to Rescue 4. Eric is also working on teaching Public Safety Diver, Level 1. 

nate dunmoyer, Divemaster

Our resident hero, Nate has rescued several people from underwater as a Unit Coordinator of the CFD DART team, assigned to Engine 2.

Steve, Owner/Tank filler/Driver
The real boss of Blackwater, Monica, with Cash on the left and Tate on  the right. 

Charlie Mills, instructor

A member of the Washington Township FD dive team, he is also retired from the Navy, and has been assigned to SEAL teams. Charlie is assigned to Engine 95 and is 2nd in command of the WTFD Dive Unit.  

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