public safety water rescue training, recreational dive training,

and equipment for it all!


Public Safety Dive Training--It all started here. Typical Public Safety Diving starts with an Open and Advanced Open Water Certifications, and progresses to Full Face Mask diver and Drysuit diver at a minimum, depending on the level of protection desired. The next step is the PSD Level 1 class, which is the meat and potatoes of public safety diving. Students learn to manage scenes and evidence, interview witnesses, and also learn to function in the roles of primary and backup diver and tender at a minimum. Levels 2,3, and 4 expand on this basic class, with many teams training Dive Supervisors. "Supers"are the company officer of the dive crew, and control all dive aspects of the mission. Blackwater can also train a member of your department to instruct in house. Contact us for info!

Swiftwater Rescue Training-With every passing year, more and more lives are lost in flood response and the corresponding swiftwater that comes with it. As responders, we are tasked with mitigating these responses, but to be frank, often responders are placing themselves in a very high risk without even knowing it. Level 1 training primarily deals with shore or boat based or assisted rescues, and places emphasis on boat handling and the proverbial "Reach, Throw, and Row" rescues. Level 2 training covers all that plus has the rescuer entering the water to perform the "Go" rescue. 

Level 1 and 2 are the new NFPA terminology, and reflect the old "OPS" and "TECH" level of certification. 

Ice Rescue Training- Ice rescue brings a unique challenge to both rescuers and agencies that provide this type of rescue. Not only is ice a tough environment to work on (in!), it is season specific, and often weather dependant. Too cold, and the ice becomes a hard platform, and too warm, well, you know what happens then. Even if we have to score the ice, we will not train on thick ice that has no failure, or with a "victim" wearing warm floatation. We will make the trainees work for it, with a victim that will sink if control is not maintained. Most Level 2 ice classes can be done in 2 days.

Periphial Classes- Ice diving, current diving, boat operations, and surface water rescue can all be done. Some water classes, such as boat operations and surface, are better done in the AHJ's response area, with the AHJ's equipment. This lends to great pre-planning, and can be used to identify equipment needs or future purchases.

Recreational SCUBA- It is not all rescue/recovery in the water. Doing work like this provides an awesome hobby, but we also love to teach recreationally. An IDEA Open Water card is good for life, and enables you to dive anywhere around the world, or right here in Central Ohio. We supply everything you need from the start, including books, student kit, rental gear, quarry admissions, and air fills. We also will not charge for an extra session. We are here to mold confident, sufficient divers, and if that takes an extra day, so be it. Gear can be purchased, and we carry brands such as ScubaMax, XS Scuba, Promate, and Ocean Technology Systems.

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